Mayor and cabinet announced by Enfield Council

The new Mayor of Enfield has been formally sworn in and the borough’s new cabinet confirmed.

Cllr Nesil Caliskan will continue as the Leader of the Council and Cllr Ian Barnes will act as her deputy.

Cllr Kate Anolue will take on the role of Mayor of Enfield, for the second time, and Cllr Sabri Ozaydin was selected as the Deputy Mayor.

Cllr Caliskan said: “Our new cabinet members will take up important roles to serve the people of Enfield, to deliver decent public services.

“We will continue to focus our efforts of providing more genuinely affordable housing for residents, tackling crime and disorder and raising standards in our schools so that every child in our borough can reach its full potential.”

I congratulate all the cabinet members and I look forward to working with our new, diverse and enthusiastic cabinet colleagues.”

The rest of the cabinet will comprise:

Cllr Alev Cazimoglu – Health and Social Care

Cllr Mary Maguire – Finance and Procurement

Cllr Mahtab Uddin – Public Health

Cllr Nneka Keazor – Community Safety and Cohesion

Cllr Guney Dogan – Environment & Sustainability

Cllr Gina Needs – Social Housing

Cllr Rick Jewell – Children’s Services

Cllr George Savva – Licensing and Regulatory Services

Cllr Claire Stewart - Enfield West, Cllr Ahmet Hasan - Enfield North and Cllr Mustafa Cetinkaya - Enfield South will be the borough’s associate cabinet members.

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