Grand plan unveiled

An ambitious plan to bring millions of pounds of investment into Enfield and drive major regeneration, world class digital infrastructure and house building schemes has been agreed.

Enfield Council’s Corporate Plan aims to build strong, healthy and vibrant communities and increase the supply of good quality affordable homes over the next four years. 

The Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “By prioritising our objectives, continuing to manage our resources effectively and exploring new and innovative ways of providing services, we will deliver real improvements to the lives and well-being of our residents.

“Over the next four years we will continue with our regeneration programme and seek new ways to accelerate our affordable housing provision and council homes to create vibrant new communities.

“We want to make Enfield a place where people feel safe in their homes and when they are out and about in the borough. We will work with the Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police and other partners to deliver initiatives that increase feelings of security, tackle crime, and develop community resilience.

“The Council will play its part in supporting young people and help to engage them in positive activities.

“Running through everything the Council is going to do is a commitment to reducing the inequality experienced by people across the borough. We will protect our most vulnerable residents and work to improve the health, education and skill levels to enable everyone to fulfil their potential.”

The new Corporate Plan aims to:   

  • Create thriving, affordable neighbourhoods
  • Increase the supply of affordable housing
  • Drive investment in rail, road and cycling infrastructure to improve connectivity and support economic development
  • Create an enterprising environment for businesses to prosper with world class digital infrastructure and access to the right skills and networks
  • Protect those most in need through effective safeguarding measures
  • Work with partners to enable people to live as independently and fully as they possibly can
  • Build measures into policies and strategies to improve public health and wellbeing
  • Work with partners to make Enfield a safer place by tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and protecting the local urban and green environment
  • Work with local businesses and partners to develop a strong and competitive local economy and vibrant town centres
  • Support residents to play a greater role in developing active and safe communities
  • Enable people to reach their potential through access to high quality schools and learning, and create more opportunities for training and employment
  • Embrace diversity, culture and heritage and work on reducing inequalities to make Enfield a place for people to enjoy from childhood to old age

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