Government funding unlocks Enfield Council housebuilding at Meridian Water

New road transport infrastructure, environmental improvements and a high frequency rail service to Meridian Water Station will be delivered by 2023 after Enfield Council successfully bid for £156 million of government cash.

Enfield is the first London borough to be awarded funding from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund.

The centrepiece of the new infrastructure will be the construction of an east-west boulevard transporting pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles from the Meridian Water Station through the middle of the site into the Lee Valley Park and beyond. The balance of the money will be spent on environmental benefits for residents including the creation of two new parks, cycle lanes, naturalised brooks, and additional bridge connections.

The £156 million from the Housing Infrastructure Fund will also enable vital infrastructure to be built to enable eight trains an hour to serve the new Meridian Water Station during peak times. Works will include the construction of a 4th platform, a new section of track between Tottenham Hale and Meridian Water and more improvements to rail infrastructure to support the upgrades.

Enfield Council Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “Enfield Council has invested more than £250million of its own money to drive this project forward. Meridian Water is now not only back on track but is gathering pace with delivery being accelerated, a new Meridian Water station open and massive infrastructure improvements on the way.

“Since taking back control of Meridian Water 12 months ago, having been unwilling to hand over all the land to one master developer in a deal which would not have been in the best interests of local people, we are ensuring our residents will be the principal beneficiaries. This scheme is about providing thousands of new affordable homes and quality jobs in Enfield as well as new schools, community and health services, nurseries, shops and youth and leisure facilities.

“Meridian Water already benefits from a fantastic waterside and parkland setting. This funding will allow us to forge ahead with providing improved infrastructure, including a more frequent train service, which is needed to support this incredible development and deliver real benefits to our residents for years to come.

“Well connected places improve life chances. The improved connectivity that comes with this enhanced infrastructure will help local people take advantage of services, jobs and opportunities right across London – the greatest city in the world.

“The success of the bid reflects the fact that the Government recognises the huge potential of Meridian Water. The HIF bid is great example of a proactive council working in partnership with public sector stakeholders including the Mayor of London /GLA to deliver such a massive scheme and securing the infrastructure money that unlocks it’s potential.”

Plans for Meridian Water have been developed in partnership with ARUP, KCA, Periscope and LSH.

Enfield Council has submitted a planning application for part of the infrastructure works including the central spine road, parks, bridges, cycle lanes, flood works & remediation.

On the back of this funding announcement Enfield Council will be starting the process to appoint a major contractor to deliver £135 million of major infrastructure works at Meridian Water.

Galliford Try have been selected to deliver phase 1 of Meridian Water – 725-1,000 new homes. They are expected to make a start of site this year with the first completions due 2021/22.

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