Expansion of secure bike parking

The Cycle Enfield team has secured £120,000 funding from Transport for London to help improve cycle parking facilities in the borough.

This will go towards 180 secure cycle parking spaces to residents, providing safe and secure storage that will protect bicycles from damage and theft.

Bike-hangars are covered parking units that can accommodate six bicycles, providing convenient, accessible cycle parking on your doorstep. The first Enfield bike-hangar was installed on Bouvier Road, in November 2016.

Since then Cycle Enfield has installed 30 secure bike-hangars across the borough. This additional funding injection will help the Council to double this provision in this financial year.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, Cllr Guney Dogan, said: “Part of Cycle Enfield’s plans to help encourage more active travel in Enfield are to provide more secure cycle parking to residents. Our aim is to make cycle parking as convenient as possible. Our rolling parking programme will see these fabulous bike-hangars installed on our streets, particularly around Enfield’s new cycle lanes where demand is high. Also, we want to help those who struggle to store a bike easily such as those living in estates, terraced housing and converted flats.

“This contribution to our cycling strategy demonstrates Enfield Council's ongoing commitment to making cycling accessible and practical for all. It’s about transforming active travel and improving the health and quality of our residents’ lives.”

Locations are currently being considered and investigated. For further information on our cycle parking program and to tell us whether you are interested in using the service, visit Journeys and Places.

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