Dumped rubbish costs a pretty penny to clear

Clearing up illegally dumped rubbish in Enfield costs Council taxpayers up to £800,000 per year, recent figures have shown.

- Illegally dumped rubbish costs Enfield Council £800,000 to clear up each year - Enfield Council campaign asks residents to help: Report it; Check it; Do it - Events such as 'Give and Take Days' are helping to reduce waste Clearing up illegally dumped rubbish in Enfield costs Council taxpayers up to £800,000 per year, recent figures have shown.

While Enfield Council prides itself on the speed in which it clears up waste and litter, it would much rather spend that money - equivalent to £15,384 a week - on maintaining parks, resurfacing footways and modernising play areas. Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson said: “Our enforcement and street cleansing teams work tirelessly seeking to keep our public areas clean, tidy and hospitable, but unfortunately an irresponsible minority chooses to act criminally with little regard for other Enfield residents by dumping their rubbish on our streets.

“We have had to make some extremely difficult decisions of late in order to dramatically reduce costs as a result of substantial funding cuts imposed by central government. Since 2010, we have had to cut £161 million from our budget, but yet still need to make a further £35 million of cuts by 2019/20. £800,000 is close to what a 1% increase in council tax would bring. Imagine then what projects or services this could fund.

"Enfield Council will therefore not hesitate to prosecute anyone who flouts the law by ruining our environment.” In light of this, Enfield Council has launched a campaign asking its residents to Report It; Check It; Do It: - Report it: If you see any dumped waste or see anyone illegally throwing waste, report it online. You don’t need an Enfield Connect account and you can leave details anonymously.- Check it: Make sure you are disposing of your waste responsibly.

Household waste should go in your black wheelie bin, recyclable material in the blue-lidded bin and green waste, such as food, in the green-lidded bin. To find out about your collection day and what can go into your bins, go to Rubbish & Recycling.

Do it: Recycle and reuse wherever possible. Card, paper, glass receptacles, plastic tubs and bottles and tins can all be recycled. Remember to rinse out any leftover food or liquids. For other items, Barrowell Green Recycling Centre can receive these, while charities such as the British Heart Foundation will pick up bulky items such as furniture and white goods for free, by appointment.

Enfield Council is also working with partners on a range projects designed to reduce waste, keep our strong communities and neighbours clean and safe, and to help residents think about upcycling. These include a 'Give and Take Day' on 11 February, where residents can exchange household items they no longer want. On 24 February, A Swish and Style event will be taking place where good quality clothing can be swapped for another garment. Keep an eye out on Enfield Council’s social media pages for more information.

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