Council fights for compensation after conman prosecution

Enfield Council has successfully pursued a convicted fraudster for thousands of pounds in compensation for his victims who were sold cars with fake service histories.

On Monday 10 December, Enfield Council received a court order requiring Mr. Antoni Antzouli to pay £94,581.82. From this, the court has ordered that the 18 customers who purchased cars with forged service history books be compensated for the purchase price of the cars, a total of £49,685.

In June 2017 Antzouli, who at the time was aged 34, of 115 Farmdale Avenue, Palmers Green, pleaded guilty to two charges relating to the sale of counterfeit goods and three fraud related charges.

Antzouli started trading in counterfeit goods in 2008, but in June 2015 was found to be selling and in possession of unauthorised trademarked goods on online auction sites. He was also found to have forged the service histories of at least 18 vehicles. Evidence showed he had sold 18 vehicles with forged stamps at a total price of £49,685 while he had made £44,892 from the sale of counterfeit items.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Guney Dogan, said: “It is only right that Enfield Council’s legal team and officers pursued this case further to ensure victims could be properly compensated. Our officers fight to make sure honest, hard-working businesses have a level playing field and will work hard to bring those who flout the rules to justice.”

The confiscation order of £94,581.82 included costs of £22,500. Read more about Enfield’s Trading Standards Service.

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