Burial Space Consultation to be launched

Enfield Council will be launching a consultation in the coming months to ensure there is enough burial space available in the borough.

Community and faith groups will be asked if current burial space provision is available to meet their needs and whether anything needs to be done to meet future requirements.

Enfield Council brought the management of its burial service, which operates at five cemeteries in the borough back in house to provide a more unified and cost effective service in January.

It provides burial services in Enfield's cemeteries and the maintenance of the spaces including burial preparation, site improvement works, general upkeep and dozens of other services.

Enfield Council is also constantly looking to expand the amount of burial space available and expanded Southgate Cemetery in 2017, and is currently exploring further options elsewhere in the borough

Enfield Council's  Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan said: "I am aware that the availability of burial space is an issue for many different communities in our borough. As the Leader of Enfield Council, I have met with a number of community groups and leaders over the past year to discuss this matter and explore how the Council can help

"We want to make sure we have enough burial space available in Enfield to meet the needs of all of our different and diverse communities and faith groups.

"This consultation is all about ensuring our burial sites are in the right places, have enough capacity and give residents a genuine choice about where they want to bury their loved ones.

"Recent campaigns like the Tottenham Park Cemetery which I have been involved in are a good example of why it is important for the responsible Local Authority to take the lead on burial space.

”That means making sure our cemeteries are in the right place, are easily accessible and provide high quality services to people of all faiths and backgrounds.”

After the consultation process has finished, Enfield Council will review the feedback it has received which will inform future locations for burial space and requirements through the emerging Local Plan.

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