Tottenham Park Cemetery - A statement from Enfield Council


The Secretary of State for Justice has ordered that new burials should be discontinued in Tottenham Park Cemetery in Edmonton with the exception of reserved spaces in family plots.

Cllr Nesil Caliskan, Leader of Enfield Council, said: “I welcome the order by the Secretary of State which seeks to discontinue new burials at Tottenham Park Cemetery.

“For far too long, family members of the deceased have experienced a complete lack of care and compassion for their loved ones remains as they watched an important community cemetery fall into disrepair while burials continued despite the site being full.

“Thanks to campaigning by members of the community and councillors, the Government has stepped in to ensure that new burials are ceased. I would like to thank Ministers for listening to our concerns and taking action.

“I understand it will be the responsibility of the police to effectively enforce the order and I will make it clear that I expect this to happen to give confidence to the families of the deceased that their loved ones remains are being respected and well maintained."

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