Council website achieves digital inclusion recognition

Enfield Council's Web team with Cllr Ergin Erbil

Enfield Council’s website has been awarded the Shaw Trust Web Accessibility Accreditation, a distinguished recognition of our commitment to digital inclusion and accessibility for all residents.

This accreditation underscores the Council’s dedication to creating a digital environment that is inclusive, user-friendly and accessible to residents and individuals with a wide range of disabilities.

The Shaw Trust Web Accessibility Accreditation is a testament to the extensive effort to ensure meets the requirements for digital accessibility.

Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Ergin Erbil, said:  “We are committed to continuously improving our digital services to ensure they are accessible to all Enfield residents, including those with disabilities. This accreditation not only validates our efforts but also sets a standard for the quality and accessibility of our online services.

“We invite all residents to visit and explore the newly accredited Enfield Council website. This achievement is not just a milestone for our Council but a step forward in making our community more inclusive and accessible to everyone.”

The accreditation process, conducted by the Shaw Trust, a charitable enterprise renowned for over 30 years’ of expertise in high-quality accessibility services, involves more than 60 hours of accessibility testing by users with disabilities. The comprehensive evaluation ensure the Council’s website is accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

For more information about the Shaw Trust Web Accessibility Accreditation and the standards we have met, visit Shaw Trust Accessibility Services.

(Pictured above from left to right: Neetu Dave, Cllr Ergin Erbil,  Perry Scott, Bilal Abbas,  Josh Somma, Sue Pressland,  Sanjay Majmudar, Lee Shelsher)

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