Broomfield Park memorial given new lease of life

A stone-carved memorial which commemorates the opening of Broomfield Park to the public nearly 120 years ago has been restored.

The shell-shaped Portland stone memorial commemorates the purchase of Broomfield Park and House by the Southgate Urban District Council in April 1903.

After decades of neglect, the memorial which sits close to the main entrance to the park, has been cleaned and the lettering has been re-cut by conservation specialists.

Initiated by the Broomfield House Trust, the restoration was funded by the Heritage of London Trust, the Enfield Society and the Friends of Broomfield Park.

It was officially unveiled on 5 March by Colin Younger, the Chair of the Broomfield House Trust with the help of pupils from Hazelwood Primary School and Broomfield School as well as representatives from the organisations involved.

The history of Broomfield Park can be traced back to the mid-1550s. The land and house were owned by a succession of affluent City merchants and traders. Today, the park is open for all to enjoy. It is maintained by Enfield Council working closely with the Friends of Broomfield Park.

Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Ian Barnes, said: “This has been a very worthy, collaborative effort between volunteers, historical experts and artisans with one aim – to protect and enhance an important piece of Enfield history.”

Dr Nicola Stacey, Director of the Heritage of London Trust, said: “Heritage of London Trust has been thrilled to work with the Broomfield House Trust to restore this wonderfully-shaped monument. It records an important part of Enfield’s story and has completely brightened up the Park. We hope it will intrigue people of all ages who come and visit to find out more.”

The Associate Cabinet Member for Enfield West, Cllr Claire Stewart added: “It is fitting that this wonderful park has had its memorial restored, marking the point when it came into public use for everyone in Enfield to enjoy. I’d like to thank in particular the two local schools for supporting the official unveiling and am delighted to see that they have taken a keen interest in the park’s importance to the local community.”

Mr Younger said: “The Broomfield House Trust is grateful for the essential financial assistance from the Heritage of London Trust, Enfield Society, and the Friends of Broomfield Park. We are impressed by the restoration carried out by PAYE Conservation which has attracted positive comments from park users. The meticulous re-cutting of the lettering by Gary Churchman has been praised. All involved have shown great flexibility in completing the project.”

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