Peer challenge praises Council's priorities

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Enfield Council has received a strong vote of confidence in a new independent report published by the Local Government Association.

The report follows a holistic assessment of how Enfield Council operates called the Corporate Peer Challenge and the Council has been given a good bill of health.

Over a four-day period in November 2022, a team of senior experts from the Local Government Association visited the local authority and worked with officers and members from across the political spectrum to conduct the assessment.

The report by the independent panel of experts says: “Enfield Council has demonstrated a strong commitment to transformational change, with clear evidence of being a driven organisation focused on improving the borough for all its residents. It is clear on its priorities and is set to build upon the successes of previous years, continuing to create positive outcomes for residents, with ambition and at pace.”

The report is available to read here

The report also highlights some areas where further improvement could be achieved and makes ten broad recommendations to the local authority.

Enfield Council has created an improvement plan in response to the recommendations, which is also available online. Progress made on them will form the basis for a return visit by the assessment team, expected in September 2023.

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