Free resources to enrich Enfield pupils' studies

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Thousands of free revision supplies have been distributed to Enfield pupils by education publisher Pearson PLC with the help of NEXUS.

Currently, 15 secondary schools and education providers have received more than 7,500 packages for a range of subjects to help pupils most in need of provisions to enrich and guide their learning.

Pupils who have benefited from the packages are in receipt of free school meals.

Pearson PLC made the donations through NEXUS, a community project run by the Behaviour Support Service within Enfield Council. NEXUS partners with external services and organisations and leads on projects and interventions to create a network of support for young people who live or study in Enfield. NEXUS will be celebrating its third anniversary this February.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Cllr Abdul Abdullahi, said: “During a time when many families are thinking about the cost of living, this has been a fantastic opportunity to help out and support young people so they can achieve their fullest potential without having to worry about accessing resources for their studies. We are grateful to Pearson for their generosity and hope they will continue to work closely with the NEXUS team so those children most in need continue to get the support they require.”

A spokesperson from Kingsmead school in Southbury ward said: “Our students were really happy and shocked that we were able to provide them with free resources to aid their revision from home. Students felt a sense of pride and inclusivity receiving such helpful guides.”

Richard Kelly, Vice President in Higher Education Services at Pearson, said: “Following a difficult period for young people coming out of the pandemic, we know that extra support may be needed for some students and schools. We are therefore delighted to support young people in Enfield to help them with their studies and to see them through their learning journeys.”

Enfield Council continues to offer support for young people through NEXUS and via other provisions such as the Enfield Youth Hub which develops career pathways by working with individuals and groups aged 16 to 24 who are not in education or training or who are unemployed. To find out more about the Council’s initiatives, sign up to the Information for Young People digital newsletter.

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