Council’s free bulky waste collection service goes from strength to strength

Bulky waste

A trampoline and a large garage door were among the unusual items collected by Enfield Council, since the introduction of its free bulky waste collection a year ago.

The scheme was introduced on 20 September 2021 to address residents’ concerns about fly tipping across the borough. The free service has proved to be a huge success.

Since the scheme’s inception to the end of September 2022, a total of 25,258 bulky waste collections were made by the Council.

Some of the most frequently collected items of bulky waste are mattresses, beds and chairs with at least one of these items present in more 60 per cent of all collections.

Cabinet Member for Environment at Enfield Council, Cllr Rick Jewell, said: “I am really pleased to see that thousands of residents have taken us up on our offer to collect and dispose of their unwanted bulky household waste free of charge.

“The success of the scheme has helped support the Council’s responses to tackle fly tipping in the borough, and I’m pleased that we can continue to offer this invaluable service.

“I would also encourage residents to report any fly tipping they see to the Council so that we can investigate and search for evidence of the perpetrators.”

The monthly bulky waste collection totals are: September 2021 - 1,492; October 2021 - 1,738; November 2021 - 1,594; December 2021 - 1,623; January 2022 - 1,838; February 2022 - 1,742; March 2022 - 2,334; April 2022 - 2,413; May 2022 - 1,768; June 2022 - 2,087; July 2022 - 2,096; August 2022 - 2,398; September 2022 - 2,135.

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