Fly tippers, are you ready for your close up?

Closed circuit camera used for catching fly-tippers

The latest CCTV technology is being installed around Enfield to catch rubbish dumpers red-handed at fly-tipping hotspots.

Enfield Council has acquired six new CCTV cameras that have been placed at areas known to be blighted by fly tipping in the continued fight against rubbish dumpers. Seven more CCTV cameras will follow.

Most of the cameras will initially be deployed in the Edmonton area and will then be moved frequently to other hotspots across the borough to respond to dumping issues, meaning fly tippers are going to find it very difficult to escape the Council’s gaze.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Rick Jewell, said: “Fly tipping is a London-wide, and indeed a national problem perpetrated by a few selfish people. This Council has been working hard to find, clear and investigate dumped rubbish. We also recently launched a free bulky waste collection service, making it even easier for people to dispose of their unwanted items if they cannot get down to Barrowell Green Recycling Centre.

“But it’s now time to get tough – enough is enough. Along with our fantastic enforcement team, we will now have the latest CCTV technology to ensure those who blight our streets with rubbish will be held accountable. We will also have a dedicated officer to feedback regularly on hotspots and our findings, and we will release footage where we need the public to help us identity people who appear to be involved in fly tipping. We will name and shame. We will take action.”

Video footage can be used as evidence to help prosecute people suspected of dumping rubbish. If caught, someone dumping rubbish can be given a fixed penalty notice of up to £400.

Enfield Council’s enforcement team issued 211 fixed penalty notices in January alone for dumped rubbish. If the fixed penalty notice is not paid, the Council can pursue a prosecution through the courts. Convicted parties often end up paying more than the fixed penalty amount and can be fined an unlimited amount and/or face imprisonment for up to five years.

While the CCTV cameras will be an extremely effective tool in the fight against fly tipping, the Council still needs members of the public to help report instances of rubbish dumping. This will support the gathering of evidence and will help the Council issue fixed penalty notices or prosecutions. Here are the simple steps you can follow:

  • If you spot someone dumping waste, it’s helpful to have a description of the offender(s), a name and address if you have them
  • If a vehicle is being used, jot down the model, make, colour and registration, location of the vehicle and in which direction they came from / left
  • If possible take a photo (without placing yourself at risk)
  • Report fly tipping and rubbish dumping
  • Be prepared to provide a witness statement to a Council officer

We need to work together to stop people dumping on our streets,” added Cllr Jewell.
If the dumped rubbish is on the public highway or Council housing land, Enfield Council officers will remove it within 24 hours. The Council has eight crews working in pairs to clear rubbish they spot and reported by residents.

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