Robber's CCTV arrest

An aggressive robber was arrested after Enfield Council CCTV operators tracked him down and directed police to his location.

Enfield Council's CCTV team were asked to track the man at 11.40am on June 24 after reports he was acting aggressively near Edmonton Railway Station.

He was spotted behaving aggressively towards innocent members of the public, kicking a cyclist and trying to steal a man's bag prior to his arrest.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Public Health, Cllr Krystle Fonyonga, said: "We don't expect children to run around behaving badly and we certainly won't tolerate grown men behaving like animals on our streets.

"I'm delighted we tracked this individual down for the police so he could be arrested, people need to understand that they can't behave like that in a civilised society and that people who break the law in this borough will face serious consequences."

Temporary borough Commander, Supt Carl Robinson, said: "This was a great result, brought about by terrific team work between the council and the police. We're committed to keeping residents and visitors to Enfield safe and we won't tolerate people running around and committing crime on our streets."

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