Resident's corner

Marcia and Nazida

Joyce and Snell’s community garden project

Enfield Council is working with Organic Lea on a community garden project designed for Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park residents.

The project is located behind Boundary Hall, 7 Snell’s Park, N18 2SY.

A number of residents are already part of the project and have grown various vegetables and fruits. To join the project, please email

Here are some quotes from residents about the project.

“It’s amazing to be able to grow what you eat organically.” - Marcia, Snell’s Park.

“Knowing I have the opportunity to grow Mauritian vegetables in the UK is an absolute joy.” - Nazida, Snell’s Park.

DJ/MC Academy programme

Young residents of Joyce and Snell's took part in the DJ/MC Academy programme so they could showcase their fantastic lyrical skills. This took place every Tuesday for 5 weeks on the estate. Attendees were up to the ages of 17 and absolutely loved the programme.

Residents on the regeneration bus tourRegeneration bus tour

On Monday 27 March 2023, residents of Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park estate had the opportunity to visit other regeneration schemes in Enfield. Residents visited Meridian Water, Alma Road (Ponders End) and New Avenue estate (Southgate).

Residents of Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park estate also had the opportunity to speak to residents in Ponders End and Southgate and shared some of their positive experiences.

Residents were accompanied by development managers from each scheme.