Changes to Housing Gateway Limited and Enfield Let: Managed Rent in April 2024

What is happening?

Our rents for Housing Gateway Limited (HGL) and Enfield Let: Managed (EL:M) tenants will be increased from April 2024. You will receive a letter one month in advance to confirm the rent increase to tenants. Your new rent will be more closely aligned to the rent charged in the private sector.

Why is this happening?

At HGL and EL:M, we support tenants who might otherwise face barriers to rent a home in the private sector. Unlike other providers, our tenants are not required to pay a deposit, rent in advance, nor pass referencing or credit checks.

Increasing our rents will enable us to better invest in our property portfolio, continuing to provide the best support possible to our residents.

What are my choices?

You can stay in your property as long as you continue to pay your rent and meet the conditions of your tenancy agreement with us. If you would like to find your own accommodation, we will be flexible about your notice period. If you are worried about affording the rent increase, please contact the HGL rents team: email or phone 020 3880 2113.

What’s next?

In March 2024, please check your email and post for a letter from us confirming your rent increase. In the meantime, you can come back to these news pages for updates.