Toni Green

Introducing Toni

Toni Green

As the Manager of the EUC team, Toni oversees the maintenance, deployment and ongoing support of laptops, tablets, desktops, and mobile phones for the staff of the council. With responsibility of desk-side support for the various sites that our staff work from, such as libraries, community centres and offices.

In this interview, she talks about what inspired her to get into IT management, how she manages her workday, and what advice she would give to aspiring managers.

What inspired you to get into your job?

Many people have different reasons for choosing their careers, and I would like to share what inspired me to apply for the role as the End User Computing Manager for Digital Services department at the London Borough of Enfield.

I have lived in Enfield for most of my life, and I feel a strong attachment to this town. I grew up here, went to school here, and made many friends here. I have seen how Enfield has changed over the years, and I wanted to be part of its future.

Working for the council gives me a chance to serve the community that I belong to, and to make a positive difference.

When I saw the opportunity to join the digital services team at Enfield, I was immediately attracted by the vision and the ambition of the department. I wanted to be part of a team that is transforming the way the council delivers services, using digital tools and platforms to improve efficiency, accessibility, and customer satisfaction.

Working in digital services is not only about technical skills and systems, but also about people and values.

I am inspired by the council's plan to create a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable Enfield.

By working in digital services, I can contribute to this plan by ensuring that the council's online services are accessible, user-friendly, and secure.

How does a typical day start?

You could describe my team as the Digital Services staff facing Tech Bar. I take pride in delivering a high-quality service to our users – with a motivated and empowered team of engineers.

A typical workday morning for me begins with checking in with my team, making sure they are prepared for the start of the day, and ready to deliver to the pre-booked appointments scheduled for new starters or staff who require IT support. Escalations, start of day reports, staff workloads, team demands, and assignment of incidents and tasks that require same day support or delivery.

I attend several support and management meetings that focus on the department's deliverables, service, governance, maintenance, and continual service improvement requirements of the Digital Services Operations team. Each day is different, but the core responsibilities remain the same.

Working at London Borough of Enfield offers a flexible and supportive work environment that enables me to manage both my personal and professional responsibilities perfectly.

What advice would you have liked when you were starting out now?

Digital services are constantly evolving and changing, as new technologies, platforms, and standards emerge. I would always recommend staying relevant and competitive in the digital service industry, keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, and learning how to use them effectively. This can be achieved by reading blogs, newsletters, podcasts, attending webinars, workshops, or conferences and taking online courses or certifications.

What is the highlight of your role so far?

As part of my role within the Digital Services department, I implemented sustainable and innovative solutions for the council's IT assets and services.

Bringing to life the first Digital Services sustainable asset buyback scheme, which captured new value from retired assets and allowed reinvestment. This also reduced the environmental impact of the Digital Services IT operations and contributed to the LBE climate action plan.

Alongside my role as EUC Manager, I also spent 3 years as a board member of the Women into Leadership staff group, where I helped organise and support large-scale events on topics related to gender equality and women's empowerment.

I co-organised and co-facilitated the International Women's Day event, which featured high-profile keynote speakers such as Liz Earle MBE and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson. I also led an #IamRemarkable workshop as a facilitator, where I encouraged participants to celebrate their achievements and overcome self-doubt.

What has been your biggest learn to date?

My biggest learning to date is trusting myself to take a leap and do something new. I have learnt to embrace new challenges and opportunities, and to showcase my skills and talents. I have also learnt from the inspiring stories and experiences of the speakers and participants at the events I organised and facilitated.

What are your future professional aspirations?

Everyone has goals and dreams for their future, and I am no exception. I have always been passionate about learning new things, exploring new possibilities, and making a positive impact in both my professional and personal life.

I am always looking for opportunities to expand my network and connect with like-minded people who share my interests and values. I believe that networking is a powerful way to discover new opportunities, learn from others, and build meaningful relationships.

I want to stay relevant and competitive in the fast-changing world of work, whilst always maintaining a healthy work life balance.

I am seeking feedback and mentorship from people who have more experience and expertise than me, who can offer me guidance and support, which in turn will nurture growth.

I appreciate constructive feedback that helps me grow and improve, and I value mentorship that inspires me and challenges me.