Resource, Workforce Planning and HR Systems Manager

When I applied for my role, it was recognised that there was scope for improvement to modernise our HR processes. In the work I’m doing to improve our HR systems, I can help the Council to move forward with its ambitious plans and be part of something that it going to make a lasting organisational impact.

In resourcing, we have very limited direct interactions with residents, but I know that every action we take relates back to residents. As Human Resources Function, we are a supporting service and it’s important for me as a HR Manager to instil an ethos that cultivates prioritising Enfield residents in our strategies. My team are able to understand and resonate with the pressures that services are facing and the benefits that we can provide by ensuring we recruit the right people, in a timely manner especially so when the roles we are recruiting to involve safeguarding

An exciting part of my first year at Enfield has been modernising our recruitment process with the implementation of a new recruitment system that will benefit our managers by creating online, streamlined processes that combine with a positive candidate on-boarding journey where candidates are actively engaged prior to joining the council. We have ambitions of developing as an employer of choice that recruits talented staff, provides opportunities for growth and development and actively works towards retaining the best workforce.