Trade waste time-banded collections

Time-bands do not apply if your rubbish is stored and collected directly from the property.

You will only be able to place your rubbish and recycling on these roads and pavements at specific times for collection.

The following locations have a once a week sack collection on a Monday. You can place rubbish out for collection from 6am to 7am, and from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Collections will take place within the hour after leaving your rubbish out.

Enfield time-banded collections streets

Time-banded collections in EN1 are located on:

If you miss the time-band to put out your bins, you must wait until the next collection.

Businesses can get a £110 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) if you do not follow the time-banded collection restrictions. If you continue to put rubbish out incorrectly, we may issue a second £110 FPN and even prosecute.

For more information on your waste collection, refer to our waste receptacle regulations (PDF, 319.98 KB).

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