Street furniture

Reports via our website are processed during office hours only, and in the order they are received. If you think the problem is urgent, call us on 020 8379 1000 to report this instead.

We regularly inspect and maintain street furniture in the borough. You can help us by reporting damaged and missing street furniture such as benches, bollards, fences, guard rails, posts and non-illuminated signs.

If you see an accident involving street furniture, you can help us by providing detailed information such as:

We will investigate the problem within ten working days. If we think the damage may be dangerous based on the information you give us, we aim to investigate sooner. If we find it is dangerous, we will repair or remove the damaged items within 24 hours.

All other necessary repairs which aren't dangerous will be made within 30 days after investigation.

Please note, not all problems that are reported will need repair. We will continue to monitor any outstanding problems.

We can also recover repair costs from the person responsible.

Report a bench or seat problem

Report a bollard problem

Report a fence or guard rail problem

Report a post or sign problem

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