Road works

Our street works team manages the co-ordination of all road works within the borough. The team is responsible for making sure that the council’s statutory duties, under both the New Roads and Street Works Act and the Traffic Management Act are met.

In order to co-ordinate and plan utility works (those that provide services such as water, gas, electric and telecoms), and our own highway works (such as the maintenance of roads, footways bridges and gullies), the council operates a permit scheme.

Both the utilities and our own contractors are required to obtain ‘permits to work’ from us before carrying out any planned activity. This allows us time to agree traffic management arrangements and plan around other areas of concern such as bus diversions, access arrangements to essential buildings such as our schools, hospitals, medical centres, events, and local businesses.

Our aim is to minimise traffic congestion and disruption by making sure that where possible, works do not all happen in the same road or on the same journey at the same time.

Where there is a genuine emergency (such as a gas or water leak, loss of essential utility services, dangerous potholes, sink holes), the responsible utility company or our highways contractors can carry out emergency repairs before obtaining a permit.

Our team issues around 25,000 permits per year and work alongside our partners at Transport for London (who manage the A406 and A10), and National Highways (who manage the M25).

To see if there are works in an area of interest to you, visit who provide a user friendly click and search map along with information about the works.

There are currently planned works being carried out by Energetik who are constructing what is known as a ‘district heat network’ across large parts of Enfield. These works will provide low carbon heating and hot water to businesses and residential properties. This will contribute to the council’s climate action plan to reduce carbon emissions. For more information about the areas of these works and the overall scheme, visit Energetik.

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