Electric vehicle charging

There are a number of electric vehicle charging points across Enfield. You can find details of these by visiting websites such as Zap Map.

To view a list of charging points on our public highways or public car parks, view electric vehicle charging points (PDF, 179.02 KB).

Our commitment

The council is committed to providing an additional 1000 charging sockets for electric vehicles on public highways and public car parks by 2026.

This will be a rolling programme with delivery reliant on funding, so the number provided each year will vary.

The aim is to provide charging points where there is the greatest need. This includes areas covered by the extended Ultra-Low Emission Zone, where there are more people living without off-street parking, and where they support other carbon reduction interventions such as low traffic neighbourhoods.

To increase the number of charging points in the borough, we are trialling lamp column chargers. These are a simple and cost-effective way to increase our number of charging points, which can be fitted into existing streetlights where these are next to the kerb. For more information about this, view our Lamp column chargers FAQ (PDF, 228.58 KB).

If you would like to express an interest in a new electric vehicle charging point, send your address and any special circumstances (for example, if you are a taxi driver), by email to transportation@enfield.gov.uk.

Consider the following before expressing an interest in a new electric vehicle charging point:

If you are looking to install a charging point on private land, you might be able to get a grant through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

Why go electric

The Energy Saving Trust provide more information on the benefits of electric vehicles.

If you want a healthy and sustainable way to travel, you can also walk, cycle and use public transport, particularly for short trips.

Charging point providers in Enfield

Report a fault

For charging points supplied by Ubitricity:

For charging points supplied by BP Pulse:

Request an electric vehicle charging point

If you own or plan to own an electric vehicle, you can help us decide where next to install electric vehicle charging points across the Borough.

We have installed charging points in lamp columns across the Enfield and we aim to help our residents switch to electric vehicles by installing more.

Requests will be looked at collectively to help us install charge points in areas where there is the most demand. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every request due to levels of demand and because some lamp posts are not suitable for conversion.

You can also register an interest in having stand-alone charging posts installed in your local area. These requests will also be used to help us assess how demand for charging points in the borough can be met.

Priority will be given to those who already own electric vehicles. We cannot guarantee that a point can be provided but will collate all requests that come in and assess how demand for charging points can be met in the local area.

Register your interest in having a lamp post charger installed near you.

Request an electric vehicle charging point

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