Street and building naming and numbering

We are responsible for assigning street names and building numbers within the borough. We can help you if:

If you're an Enfield resident and you wish to name your house, you should contact Royal Mail to add the name as an alias. We don't name single properties, so you should not make an application to us.

If you're developing a new property, you should apply for naming and numbering as soon as planning permission is granted. You need to complete the street naming and numbering application form (PDF, 159.86 KB) and return it to us with your suggestions. Make sure you include the planning permission number and a location or site plan.

Please do not make payment until we contact you to confirm the price.

You can pay using the online form below (select 'Street/Building/Flat Naming, numbering' and use the planning reference number).

Pay a street naming and numbering fee

Or you can pay via Internet or phone banking directly into the London Borough of Enfield bank account, using the following details:

Once we have the payment and the address has been agreed, we will send you a proposal for naming and numbering. There is a 28-day consultation period for naming. Once we are informed the work is complete, we will issue a notice of street naming and numbering, and an order will be made to make it official.

Naming and numbering is a six to ten week process. There is a penalty charge for retrospective engagement.

Street naming and numbering fees 2023/24
Numbering or renumbering a property (for a single unit)
5-19 Units
£693.50 plus £41.44 per unit over 5
20-49 units
£1,600.00 plus £39.66 per unit over 20
50-99 units
£5,400.00 plus £55.00 per unit over 50
More than 100 units
£8,100.00 plus £55.00 per unit over 50
Naming a building or block£259.60
Naming a street£389.30
Penalty for retrospective engagement with street naming and numbering£194.80
Provision of historical information for street naming and numbering£34.90

For more detailed information on how we approve names and numbers, refer to our Street Naming and Numbering Policy (PDF, 303.71 KB).

For information on our roads and their classification, refer to our list of streets (PDF, 2139.95 KB).

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