Planning enforcement

What is planning enforcement?

Our Planning Enforcement Policy outlines how we deal with breaches of planning control. The policy is a guide for residents, developers, and others. It explaines our process for addressing unauthorised developments or when there's been a failure to follow through with enforcement actions already in place. Recently, there have been changes in the law affecting the time limits related to enforcement, which means that the information in paragraph 3.8 is now outdated. We're currently updating the policy to reflect these legal changes.

Planning enforcement investigates possible breaches of planning control. This includes:

View the Planning Enforcement Policy (PDF, 327.06 KB).

Does every development need planning permission?

Planning permission is not always required. Extensions or alterations to single dwelling houses and extensions, alterations or change of use to commercial and industrial uses may be permitted development.

Find out more about permitted development on the Planning Portal.

Report a suspected breach of planning regulations

Before reporting a suspected breach of planning regulations, check our online planning register to find out if approval for the development has already been given.

If you suspect someone has breached planning regulations, you can report it online below.

Report a suspected breach of planning regulations

If you report a breach, we will keep your details confidential and will not disclose them without your permission. You will receive an acknowledgement with information about the case, including a reference number and the name of the person dealing with your enquiry. Once we have investigated the report, we will let you know whether a breach of planning regulations has been identified and what action, if any, we may take.

Enforcement register

Under Section 188 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, every local planning authority must keep a register of information on:

Enfield planning enforcement register

You can search our register using the site address or by using the relevant enforcement number.

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