Historic parks and gardens

Enfield has a number of historic parks and gardens which are officially recognised as significant. The Register of Parks and Gardens sets these out along with their historic development, and describes the features of each site.

The register is maintained by Historic England and is important to:

Note that no new controls apply to gardens or parks in the register, nor are existing planning or listed building controls affected in any way.

The fact that a garden is included in the register does not mean that there is any public right of access, other than along public rights of way or unless the property is separately advertised by the owner as being open to the public.

Only gardens and parks with historic features from 1939 or earlier are included in this register. Additions since then have not been extensively described in the register, nor have additions been taken into account in the selection and grading of the gardens, as the register indicates the gardens' special historic interest.

Historic parks and gardens of local interest are currently under consideration as part of the Local Heritage Review. Email heritage@enfield.gov.uk if you would like further information.

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