Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), is an approach to development and land management that aims to leave the natural environment in a better state than it was before. It is intended to deliver measurable improvements for biodiversity by creating or enhancing habitats together with development. Achieving BNG means that natural habitats will be extended or improved as part of a development or project.

The Environment Act has introduced a 10% mandatory requirement for BNG for most development proposals seeking planning permission in England.

As a result, BNG will be a priority in development as a general principle at Enfield. Open spaces, new buildings and development design should deliver biodiversity benefits throughout the borough.

BNG will be mandatory for major developments from 12 February 2024 and mandatory for minor developments on 2 April 2024, subject to the exemptions summarised below.

Biodiversity Net Gain in planning applications

National guidance

The minimum information which must be submitted is set out below but in more detail at Biodiversity Net Gain Planning Practice Guidance:

If this information has not been provided, the Enfield Local Planning Authority will likely refuse to validate the application. Within the planning application form applicants will be asked to confirm whether this information accompanies the application. Where these details have been provided elsewhere in accompanying documents, applicants are encouraged to cross-reference to these rather than duplicate this information within the application form.

Local guidance

Planning Practice Guidance sets out that Enfield Local Planning Authorities may seek further information (beyond the national minimum information requirements) about the proposed approach to meeting the biodiversity gain objective for the development. In particular, this may be the case where a Local Planning Authority believes BNG would be a material consideration of the application, and the PPG states that BNG will often be a material consideration.

The full headline list of validation requirements below captures both the national requirements and the documents/content which Enfield Local Planning Authority considers necessary to be submitted to validate a BNG-liable planning application:

Draft Biodiversity Net Gain guidance note

Enfield has produced a guidance note which outlines the local validation requirements, in addition to the Environment Act and National Planning Policy Framework, and guidance from Natural England and the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. It also sets out how BNG is expected to make a meaningful contribution to nature recovery.

View the draft Biodiversity Net Gain guidance note (PDF, 727.83 KB).

The BNG guidance note provides information on:


The exemptions from mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain, are:

BNG does not apply where planning permission is not required in the following instances:

For further information, see planning application process.

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