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Black History Month

Children in the library with guest author Antoinette Jordan

Special events this month

Enfield Council's Black History Month (BHM) is back with an exciting line-up of events, and our libraries are proud to be part of this cultural celebration.

This year's theme, 'Celebrating Our Sisters,' pays tribute to the remarkable Black women who have left their mark on our world.

Join us for various BHM-themed events with special guest authors, including Antoinette Jordan (pictured) and Lorreta Chindo-Besong, as well as figurative artist Kenya Josiah.

Black History Month 2023 branding

Library closure

On Friday 20 October 2023, the following community libraries will be closed between 9am and 1:30pm due to essential staff training:

We thank you for your understanding.

BorrowBox eBooks and audiobooks

Book covers

Explore the BorrowBox collection of remarkable books by black female authors. We'd like to share a staff's recommendation of Zadie Smith's Swing Time, which they've just finished reading via the BorrowBox app.

"I was thrilled to discover that BorrowBox had one of Zadie's novels available for immediate reading. She has a reputation as a brilliant writer, and I had always wanted to dive into her work. So, I chose 'Swing Time', a captivating tale that takes you on a journey through the lives of 2 friends, exploring questions of identity, dreams, and the unshakeable ties to the past. Zadie's storytelling expertise and deep insights truly make 'Swing Time' an unforgettable read. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who enjoys perceptive observations and a compelling narrative. Do not miss the chance to explore this incredible story!"

Not sure what BorrowBox is?

BorrowBox provides access to a vast digital library of eBooks and audiobooks, free of charge with your Enfield library card. It is available as a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, making it convenient for users to access their borrowed materials anytime, anywhere.

Weekly and monthly activities

Inside a library

We have lots of free regular activities on offer, some you may not already be aware of:

For those who love creating, our Makerspace sessions at Ordnance Unity Centre Library are a treat. Explore workshops in sewing and music production, and photography.

View all regular library activities or stay updated via Instagram.

The Booker Prize shortlist

6 book covers

The shortlist is here! It showcases 6 books by authors who've never been shortlisted before, including 2 debut authors. Esi Edugyan, a 2-time Booker Prize nominee, leads the 2023 judging panel. Joining her are Adjoa Andoh, Mary Jean Chan, James Shapiro, and Robert Webb. These judges are on the hunt for the finest long-form fiction in English, chosen from works published in the UK and Ireland between 1 October 2022 and 30 September 2023.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the £50,000 prize winner at Old Billingsgate in London on 26 November 2023.

New in... for children

Children's non-fiction

Art is everywhere book cover

Art is everywhere by Joe Haddon

Art is everywhere by Joe Haddon - Joe Haddow, artist, and podcaster, is on a mission to show us the different ways art is created, by so many different people and in so many different places.

This book helps you explore art, why it matters, and what type of artist you might be and gives you tips on how to make your own art.

Books with these stickers encourage young readers with newly acquired reading skills.

From the 'Reading Champion' series

The cat and the cradle book cover

The cat and the cradle by Jackie Walter

The cat and the cradle by Jackie Walter - A brave cat rescues a baby washed away in a storm.

An original story beautifully illustrated with a reading activity included.

Book stickers

ICA yellow book sticker

Books with these stickers encourage young readers with newly acquired reading skills.

New in... for young adults and adults

Young adults (Teen+)

Electric Life book cover

Electric life by Rachel Delahave

Electric life by Rachel Delahaye - Estrella, known as the Star City, sits atop London Under, the original city. Its leaders choose Alara, a skilled gamer, for a perilous spying mission into the chaotic and real-world of London Under.

Estrella is a utopia, an orderly, sanitised digital society with no dirt, pain, or disease.

Alara thrust into London Under, encounters noise, dirt, and authentic food. Will she succeed in her mission? Whom can she trust? How will she return to Estrella, her family, and her worry-free life?

The boy you always wanted book cover

The boy you always wanted by Michelle Quach

The boy you always wanted by Michelle Quach - In this romcom, Francine’s grandfather wants a male heir.

Although it’s an old-fashioned idea, Francine loves him and she schemes to bring him the boy he wants.

Without quite understanding how family friend Ollie becomes entangled in this plan. However, secrets and feelings come to the fore and things don’t turn out as expected…

Adult fiction

The last white man book cover

The last white man by Mohsin Hamid

The last white man by Mohsin Hamid - This novel explores love, race, prejudice, and nationalism as white people globally experience a sudden darkening of their skin.

Anders wakes to find his skin transformed and confides in Oona, his lover. As the phenomenon spreads, some resist in fear, while others, like Anders' father and Oona's mother, grapple with loss and love.

Amidst these changes, Anders and Oona's relationship evolves, leading them to rediscover themselves and each other.

The vintage shop book cover

The vintage shop by Libby Page

The vintage shop by Libby Page - A single yellow dress weaves connections among 3 women, each guarding their secrets.

Lou, grieving in Somerset, embarks on a new journey by opening a vintage shop in Frome after her mother's passing. In upstate New York, Donna's world is shaken by family revelations, with a solitary clue: a photo of a yellow dress. Maggy, in her seventies, recently divorced and living alone, rediscovers her past through the vintage shop's enchanting dresses.

The path to their next chapter lies in unraveling the yellow dress's secrets.

Adebola... in the spotlight

We spoke to Adebola who has been a member of Enfield Libraries for at least 20 years.

What do you use the Library for?
To borrow books, read books, and use the study spaces. For reference materials and to use the computers.

Why is the Library important to you?
For social interactions, meeting people and people-watching. For access and use of library books. The additional use of other libraries and online materials is superb.

Would you change anything about the Library?
As an older person, I find that the library is no longer a 'silent' library, as opposed to what I knew libraries to be. So, having quiet corners or sections would be appreciated a lot.

What works particularly well for you in the Library service?
Ease of access and ease of use. On-hand library staff. As a visually-impaired person Ordnance Unity Centre Library, with desk-to-ceiling windows suits my needs due to its layout and brightness. The fact that the library is free to join and use, is open long hours, and has branches all over Enfield is the best bit.

The Libraries Consortium, being able to search for and get books and use their services is the best part of a day out, when one is away from Enfield.

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Complete the Council Tax Support Scheme survey by 17 December 2023.

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