Library news - November 2023

Unlock the potential of the My Library App

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Get ready to supercharge your library experience. It's the perfect time to discover the convenience this app offers, allowing you to access the library anytime, anywhere.

Effortlessly manage your library account

Keep a firm grip on your library account, whether it's checking due dates, reviewing your borrowing history, or managing your personal details - all from the palm of your hand.

Search and renew items with ease

Explore our extensive library catalogue with a simple search and renew your favorite titles from the comfort of your home, or wherever your reading adventures take you.

Conveniently manage reservations

Reserve those highly sought-after books, eBooks and audiobooks on the go, and easily keep track of your reservations.

Stay in control of payments

No more surprises when it comes to fines or payments. Access your payment history and account balance at any time, ensuring a smooth library experience.

Instantly locate books with barcode scanning

Scan a book's ISBN barcode anywhere and immediately find out whether the book you want is in stock at your library.

Download the free 'My Library' app from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Weekly and monthly activities

Inside a library

Discover a wealth of ongoing activities we offer, and you might find some new gems to explore. These activities are open to the entire community, and best of all, they come at no (or very little), cost:

For those who love creating, our Makerspace sessions at Ordnance Unity Centre Library are a treat. Explore workshops in sewing, music production, and photography. For a full list of our sessions, you can access our publicly available spreadsheet or stay updated via Instagram.

Big Library Read, 2 - 16 November

Someone reading a book using a Kindle

The nights are growing longer during this magical time of year. To get into the spirit of the season, readers throughout the UK are enjoying a “coming-of-age story of family and the supernatural” for free during Big Library Read , the world’s largest digital book club.

For a fortnight, book lovers with an Enfield library card can now join thousands of others in borrowing Olivia Stephens’s Artie and the Wolf Moon from our digital library. Read the ebook and audiobook for free without waitlists or holds on the Libby app, then discuss online .

OverDrive, the leading digital reading platform for popular ebooks, audiobooks and magazines and creator of the Libby app, facilitates the program.

Story Sharer Week, 6 - 10 November

We're excited to be part of the very first #storysharerweek by BookTrust. We're celebrating those who integrate reading into their daily lives. Whether you're a parent, a librarian or a teacher, if you play a role in creating unforgettable reading experiences for children, you have BookTrust's (and of course, our), admiration!

Have a child under 5? Join us at our regular storytelling sessions in the library this November:

Disability History Month 2023

Disability History Month 2023 poster showing a range of books

Between 16 November - 16 December, UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) will focus on the experiences of disabled children and young people in the past and present. It's all about promoting a fair and inclusive future, emphasising human rights. The goal is to be rid of social exclusion, negative stereotypes, and the barriers that affect kids and youth with long-term impairments.

Explore OverDrive's collection of eBooks for children and YA, and adults that highlight various aspects of disability. These books can help us understand the experiences of disabled people better and encourage more empathy and understanding in our community.

Our libraries are also designed to be accessible to everyone. We have accessible entrances, large print materials, and technology that's easy to use for people with different needs - check out our blog post for more details. Come visit your local library to find resources and services that support Disability History Month and make our future more inclusive.

New in... for children

Picture book

The Oak Tree by Julia Donaldson

The Oak Tree cover

The Oak Tree by Julia Donaldson - This book tells the magical life story of a thousand-year-old oak tree, from a small acorn to a majestic oak. Over the centuries, it's been a focal point for children's games, family gatherings, and a home for various animals.

After surviving for a millennium, the ancient tree falls in a storm, but a new acorn starts the cycle anew.

It is a delightful exploration of nature's enduring beauty.

Children's fiction 7+

The Breakfast Club Adventures: The Phantom Thief by Marcus Rashford

Breakfast Club Adventures

The Breakfast Club Adventures: The Phantom Thief by Marcus Rashford - Marcus Rashford's third book in this exciting mystery series.

A thief is stealing from clubs all over Rutherford High. He leaves a mysterious calling card at the scene of the crime. Everyone worries the Art Club’s exhibition will be cancelled.

As suspicion falls on one of the Breakfast Club Investigators, Marcus and friends must race against time to find the stolen painting and unmask the true thief before it's too late!

Early readers

Mouse Hides by Katie Woolley

Mouse Hides cover

Mouse Hides by Katie Woolley - The little mouse hides in the daytime so it can’t be seen by the people and animals passing along the street.

Then, when it's dark, the little mouse thinks its safe to leave its hiding place.

What happens next?

Find out and do the reading activity at the end.

New In... for young adults and adults

Young adults (Teen+)

You Could Be So Pretty by Holly Bourne

You Could Be So Pretty cover

You Could Be So Pretty by Holly Bourne - In this dystopian tale, beauty carries a cost, and girls must decide how to pay it.

Belle and Joni face two options: Belle conforms to the Doctrine (wear the Mask, aim for the Ceremony's crown, and be a Pretty), while Joni rebels against it (go without a Mask, strive to escape to Education, and be an Objectionable).

However, there might be a third way.

If Belle and Joni join forces, can they break the rules and find their own freedom?

Adult fiction

The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho by Paterson Joseph

The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho cover

The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho by Paterson Joseph - 1746 London is not a safe place for a young Black man, especially one who has escaped slavery.

'I had little right to live, born on a slave ship where my parents both died. But I survived, and indeed, you might say I did more...'

Meet Sancho as he dodges slave catchers and worse. Alone and desperate, he manages to meet the King, write and play highly acclaimed music, become the first Black person to vote in Britain and lead the fight to end slavery.

This is the true story of one man’s incredible achievements.

Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey

Really Good Actually cover

Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey - A novel by Schitt's Creek screenwriter about a young divorcee “getting back out there” and full of hilarious characters and one-liners.

Maggie's 608 day old marriage has ended. She thinks she’s fine - she's doing really good, actually.

Despite being alone for the first time in her life, unable to afford her rent and having problems with her PhD, she is determined to make the most of her new status.


The Hike by Lucy Clarke

The Hike cover

The Hike by Lucy Clarke - Icy suspense: four old friends go on a hiking adventure in the Norwegian wilderness.

In the majestic beauty and fairy-tale forests, the trip of a lifetime turns deadly.

A broken body is found at the bottom of a ravine. Someone out there knows why a woman has died. There’s a killer on the trail…

The friends are now bound by murder.

The Running Grave by Robert Galbraith

The Running Grave cover

The Running Grave by Robert Galbraith - A worried father asks Private Detective Cormoran Strike to investigate when his son, Will, joins a religious cult in the Norfolk countryside.

The Universal Humanitarian Church appears to be a peaceable organisation that campaigns for a better world. However, Strike discovers sinister undertones and unexplained deaths.

Strike's business partner, Robin Ellacott, goes undercover to infiltrate the cult and rescue Will. Little does she realise the danger that awaits her there or for the toll it will take on her.

Adult non-fiction

The Accidental Detectorist: Uncovering an underground obsession by Nigel Richardson

The Accidental Detectorist cover

The Accidental Detectorist: Uncovering an underground obsession by Nigel Richardson - During lockdown, travel writer Nigel Richardson turned to home soil for a story.

He took up metal detecting and became addicted.

He has, since, travelled Britain, discovering its history and people while also learning about the responsibility that comes with discoveries of common heritage.

Before he knows it, he realises that his fellow detectorists are the treasure he’s been looking for.

Have your say - Traveller Local Plan

Enfield Council is making a plan for housing Gypsies and Travellers in the area. They want your input. This plan will guide future development and planning decisions. You can share your thoughts by filling out the Issues and Options questionnaire at Traveller Local Plan by 10 November.

You can also download our Enfield Libraries November 2023 newsletter (PDF, 757.61 KB).

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