Town twinning

Town twinning in Enfield

London Borough of Enfield is twinned with 4 towns in Europe:

Three of these are northern suburbs of major cities with similar population figures to Enfield. Like Enfield they are also rich in green spaces, heritage and culture, and have similar industries, such as manufacturing, retail and food. They also reflect some of the international communities who live in Enfield, particularly of Greek and Turkish origin. But there are many differences too. Enfield is learning and sharing knowledge all the time with our twin towns, and improving our public services in the process.

These programmes encourage citizens of Enfield and our twin towns to learn and benefit from each other and offer life-changing experiences to all members of the community.

The benefits of town twinning

Town twinning covers a vibrant array of areas, including art and culture, young people, sports, business, citizenship and economic growth. Successful twinnings bring scores of benefits to both the community and the municipality. By bringing people together from all over the world, it gives us an opportunity to share problems and solutions, exchange opinions, learn from each other, and create friendships through common interests and issues.

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