Enfield Chase landscape restoration

London’s largest reforestation project

In partnership with Thames21, The Mayor of London, Forestry Commission, Friends of Enfield Chase, Greener Enfield, Environment Agency, Climate Action Enfield and Botany Bay Farm and Shop, Enfield Council are reforesting Enfield Chase. We are restoring the landscape of Enfield Chase to a more natural state to create a wide range of opportunities to benefit people and wildlife.

Why the project is needed in Enfield Chase

The rural areas of Enfield have been severely deforested over the last few centuries due to London expanding and farming shifting from grazing to arable. Remaining areas of woodland and pasture have been reduced to isolated fragments of the former vast forest. Straightened watercourses have encouraged water to flow swiftly off the land and into the river, increasing flood risk to thousands of homes downstream.

The Project will create a publicly accessible, sustainable native broad-leaf woodland that will:

Achievements so far


We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers of all ages to join woodland volunteer days. New volunteers are welcome to join on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm. For more information please email info@friendsofenfieldchase.org.uk.

Key partners

For more information on the Environmental benefits of the project please visit Thames21.

We also suggest you visit Friends of Enfield Chase and their Facebook page for further information and regular updates.

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