Better mobilisation

Your membership

In terms of your membership transfer, there’s nothing you need to do. Once your membership and personal information has been transferred across from Fusion Lifestyle to Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL), including your bank details (if applicable), GLL will store and process this data securely (in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018), and solely for the purposes of management and administration of your membership.

If GLL has an email address for you, they will be in touch to ask your permission to use it for promotional marketing and to keep you up to date with events at your local centre.

Once your membership contract has been transferred to GLL, their terms and conditions of membership and facility use will apply to you. You're free to cancel your membership without penalty and can do so at your local leisure centre.

Your membership card

From Monday 4 December 2023, your existing membership card will not be compatible with the new computer systems that GLL will install. You’ll be contacted via email regarding your membership transfer.

Before you visit your centre for the first time, download the Better UK app.

If you're unable to access the app, speak to a member of the GLL team on your next visit to one of our centres and they will help you get set up.

Facilities and timetables

Once you're set up on the Better UK app or with a new membership card (with your new membership number), you can register for online bookings via the app.

So that you have access to the latest fitness class programme information, download the Better UK app and select 'Book classes', which is also the best way to book your sessions. Fitness class programme timetable boards will also be displayed in-centre and updated by staff daily. While some of the fitness class names will change slightly, the class content will be the same.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions of comments about the transfer and Better mobilisation, you can:

Alternatively, visit Better - Mobilisation FAQs.

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