Haselbury neighbourhood improvements

Moore Brook Green Link

The Moore Brook, a tributary of Pymmes Brook, is one of London's lost rivers that flows beneath Haselbury's Streets. We're introducing rain gardens so you can follow the route of the river between Firs Farm Wetlands and Pymmes Park Wetlands where it peeks above ground. View a map of the Moore Brook (PDF, 102.91 KB).

Rain gardens are a type of sustainable drainage system (SuDS) which mimic natural drainage. They store water and release it slowly into the drainage system and surrounding soil, helping to reduce flood risk and pollution. The plants increase biodiversity and help to improve air quality.

As part of the Haselbury neighbourhood improvements, we consulted on the Moore Brook Green Link project. View the consultation leaflet (PDF, 2806.49 KB) sent to residents and businesses in September 2018.

The Moore Brook Green Link specifically relates to numbers 4 to 8 in the consultation document.

Status of the Moore Brook Green Link schemes:

If you have any queries please email haselbury@enfield.gov.uk or call 020 8132 0965.

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