Homelessness help if you're leaving prison

You could get homelessness help if you are leaving prison or youth detention. This includes advice on how you could keep your rented home while you are in custody.

The homelessness support we offer will depend on our legal duties and your circumstances.

How to avoid becoming homeless

You should continue to pay your rent, and other essential bills such as Council Tax.

If you think you might become homeless after you leave prison, get housing advice as soon as you can.

When you know you are going to be released, you should explore your housing options.

Referral from the prison or probation service

The prison or probation service should notify us if they consider you to be homeless or threatened with homelessness. With your consent, they can make a referral to us including your contact details.

Claiming benefits while you are in prison

You might be able to claim Housing Benefit while you are on remand or in prison.

However, there are different rules for Universal Credit allowance if you are on remand or in prison.

Further homelessness advice and help

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