Emergency and temporary accommodation

If you’re eligible for homeless help from the council, the support we can offer will depend on your circumstances, and our statutory duties.

For example, we could offer you somewhere to live while you find a home you can afford.

Types of accommodation

We could offer you:

Our emergency accommodation is usually a hotel or bed and breakfast (B&B). This is for people who urgently need somewhere to live.

Temporary accommodation is often a privately rented home or one the council manages. You will need to pay rent.

Will you get a council house?

Being homeless does not mean you will get social housing or a council home (Localism Act 2011). Also, Enfield has a very long waiting list for council housing.

Also, Enfield has a long waiting list for council housing. For example, you could wait 15 years for a 3-bedroom council property.

How does our housing placement policy affect you?

If we have a statutory duty to offer you housing, that housing will be private-rented accommodation.

We will consider your household’s needs and the rent you can afford. Enfield, and most of London, has high rents and few affordable homes. To help you live in a settled home, the housing we offer you could be anywhere in the UK and outside of London.

You will get one offer of suitable housing from us. If you refuse our offer, we do not have to make you another offer of housing.

Who pays your rent?

You must pay your own rent. The council does not pay your rent.

Your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit might not cover your full rent. You must check, and pay for, any difference so that you pay all your rent.

What happens if you do not pay your rent?

You must avoid owing rent (‘getting into arrears’).

If you do not pay your rent, you could be evicted. We could also end our duty to house you. You would need to find somewhere else to live.

How you can get help paying your rent

Get benefits advice and help to pay your rent.

You can also check our cost of living support.

Living in emergency and temporary accommodation

What to do with your belongings and furniture

You could store your belongings using the council’s furniture storage service.

Repairs and maintenance of temporary accommodation

Your temporary accommodation is usually managed by an accredited agent. Please report repair needs to the property’s agent. You can find the agent’s details on your licence agreement.

Reporting noise, nuisance or antisocial behaviour

If you experience antisocial behaviour at your accommodation, please contact your housing provider. You can also contact the police.

How long could you stay in emergency or temporary accommodation?

If you are eligible for housing support from us, and we cannot find you a suitable home, you might have to stay in a hotel.

Your hotel stay should not be longer than 6 weeks.

The housing crisis makes it hard to find affordable rented housing in Enfield. You could stay in temporary accommodation for a long time before we can find you a suitable home in the borough.

It is likely that you will have to live outside of London. To understand how we find and offer you a suitable home, please read our housing placement policy.

Move on to a home you can afford

You should not wait for us to contact you.

You could find a private rented home you can afford, and get help through our Find Your Own Home scheme. It is one of the ways you could take control of your housing and move to a home you can afford.

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