We have a wide choice of garages to rent throughout Enfield, which can be used for either vehicles or storage. Separate licence agreements and rent charges apply, depending on what you are keeping in your garage. However, you must not store flammable and combustible substances in council-owned garages.

Council-owned garages can be used to store untaxed vehicles, and vehicles registered with a DVLA Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). However, you are not allowed to park untaxed or SORN vehicles on any other council land, resident-only parking areas, or undercroft car parks.

When we get your application, we will add it to the waiting list. We will contact you once a garage becomes available and you are next on the waiting list. Unfortunately, we cannot say how long you will need to wait as we receive many applications, but you can apply for more than one location.

Full terms and conditions are outlined in the licence agreement, which is available once your application has been successful.

Garage rent charges

Licence agreements and rent charges per week will depend on the type of use:

Garages for vehicle parking
Type of agreement Cost per week
Council tenant £16.48
Household member of council tenant and leaseholder
£16.48 + VAT
Leaseholder £16.48
Private £32.37 + VAT
Garages for storage
Type of agreement Cost per week
Council tenant
Household member of council tenant
£32.37 + VAT
£32.37 + VAT
Parking bay £10.32

Please note that when VAT is added, the system automatically rounds the figure to the nearest number adding 1p to the total, for example, £10.32pw plus VAT @ 20% = £12.39 due per week.

Current garage licensees who are household members of council tenants, and in-situ leaseholders, can apply for revised 2024/2025 weekly charge rate. Email garages.council.housing@enfield.gov.uk for more information and an application form.

Apply to rent a garage

Concessionary rate

Garage licensees may now apply for a rent discount for a vehicle parking agreement if they are receiving one of the following:

Council tenants and leaseholders using a garage for storage use only, may apply.

Concessionary rates must be applied for annually.

Parking restrictions in front of garages

When renting a garage from the council, you must not park in front of your garage, as set out in the terms and conditions. To ensure that all garage tenants have access to the garage they rent from us, we are introducing double yellow line parking restrictions. However, this will take some time to roll out across the borough.

People who park on double yellow lines may receive either a Penalty Charge Notice or a Penalty Charge Notice and removal of the vehicle.

Notice period to terminate your garage agreement

To end your agreement you need to give us 7 days' notice, and tenancies end on a Sunday. Email garages.council.housing@enfield.gov.uk to give notice. We will then send you a termination form, which you will need to sign and return with the keys to the Garages Team at Edmonton Green Library before the termination date.

Garage scams

You should be aware of scams being operated by people pretending they own one of our garages, so they can defraud people who are looking for a garage to rent. Generally, this is through social media sites or local adverts. This has resulted in people entering into fake rental agreements that appear genuine.

You will risk your personal belongings being disposed of if the garage belongs to us and has not been let to you by us. You can check if we are the owner of the garage you want to rent by emailing garages.council.housing@enfield.gov.uk.

Your data

The data you provide in the rent a garage form is used for the purposes of managing your tenancy. It’s kept for the length of your tenancy and then for 6 years after you have made your final payment. The data is not shared with any other organisations except where required by law. For full details of how we handle your data see our online privacy notice, or ask us for an accessible copy.

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