Air quality

We monitor, review and assess air quality in Enfield for pollutants known to damage health. View our latest Air Quality Status Report (PDF).

We have four monitoring stations, and the data collected is available at the London Air Quality Network.

We are committed to meeting the government's set objectives on seven pollutants:

Enfield has areas that exceed government objectives for nitrogen dioxide and PM10 at busy roadside locations. As a result, we have declared the entire borough an air quality management area and are working towards meeting the government objectives. You can find full details on how we are doing this in our Air Quality Action Plan (PDF). We submit annual reports on our progress to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Greater London Authority.

We are now consulting on the new Air Quality Action Plan. The consultation runs until 3 May 2022. For more information and details of where to send your comments, view the Draft Air Quality Action Plan for consultation (PDF).

Enfield is a smoke control borough so you can only burn smokeless fuel in fireplaces, unless you have an exempt appliance such as a stove or burner. For more information see our guide to open fires and wood-burning stoves (PDF).

We are a member of Vehicle Idling Action, a London-wide behaviour helping to reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists leaving their engines running when parked. This will improve air quality throughout the capital. For more information, visit Vehicle idling action.

Emissions from industrial processes

We also regulate emissions from industrial processes that use organic solvent, involve combustion, handle dusty material or store petrol.

Businesses must email planning.enforcement@enfield.gov.uk to apply for a permit for these activities or to report excessive emissions from a business. We will investigate reports as soon as possible and take action if needed.

Contaminated land

We inspect contaminated land in the borough, but will not take action unless it presents a significant risk to the community or the water supply.

We maintain a register of contaminated land in Enfield and provide this information to potential property buyers, normally through a solicitor, for a fee of £141.20. Email enviro.crime@enfield.gov.uk to request a search of our contaminated land records.