Grass verges, hedges and shrub beds


We are currently working through a schedule of works to reduce the growth at the base of our highway trees. This programme started in late May 2023 and includes over 2,500 trees within the borough’s highway network. We anticipate that this work will be completed by the end of July 2023.

Should you find that the growth on a certain tree within the highway is causing issues, please report it below and we will make sure that this is prioritised and completely quickly.


We have begun our cyclical grass cutting activities throughout the borough. However, due to the continued sporadic weather, performance is being hindered. The volume and continued rain fall is impacting on ground conditions. This has resulted in soft ground surfaces which will be damaged if grass cutting is completed.

We will continue to perform grass cutting to areas which are firm enough to accept machinery, without resulting in damage. As the ground conditions and weather improve, we will operate a 7 day service to catch up with schedules.

Shrubs and hedges

We are currently in the nesting season where the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 limits our ability to prune and reduce both shrubs and hedges during March and August. However, if the growth presents a health and safety issue (for example, if the vegetation obstructs the pathway and causes pedestrians to walk on the highway), we can prune and reduce both shrubs and hedges.

You can report any concerns to us below and an officer will visit the area and decide if work needs to be carried out.

Report verge, hedge and shrub problems

We have a schedule to maintain greenery on our public roads and council property.

You can report damaged, dead or overgrown grass verges, hedges and shrub beds to us online and we will investigate within 10 working days. If we think the damage is dangerous based on the information you give us, we aim to investigate earlier than 10 working days. If the damage is dangerous, we will repair the problem as soon as we can.

For information on harmful weeds and invasive plants, visit GOV.UK.

Report a verge problem

Report a hedge problem

Report a shrub bed problem

Reports via our website are processed during office hours only, and in the order they are received. If you think the problem is urgent, call us on 020 8379 1000 to report this instead.

Reporting problems on the A406, A10 or M25

Contact Transport for London on 0845 305 1234 for problems on the A406 or A10.

Contact Highways England on 0845 750 4030 for problems on the M25.

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