If you wish to vote in person at the polling station (including those acting as a proxy on behalf of another person) you will now need to present an accepted form of physical photographic ID to prove your identity.

This will apply at:

Types of photo ID accepted

You must present one of the following forms of physical photographic identification to vote in person at a polling station:

View examples of photo ID (PDF, 573.81 KB).

Expired physical photographic identification documents can still be used as accepted photographic ID at the polling station if the photograph is still a good likeness of you.

If you do not have any of the above forms of photographic identification, you can apply to our Electoral Services Office for a free Voter Authority Certificate. This is an A4 document containing an elector’s name and photograph. This physical certificate will need to be presented to poll staff when you go to cast your vote at the polling station.

This certificate can only be used for voting in person at a polling station.

Photo ID presented from your mobile or tablet device will not be accepted.

How to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate

Electors can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate:

Before you apply, you must:

Anonymous registration

Anonymous registration is available to electors whose safety would be at risk if their name or address were listed on the electoral register. To find out more information about qualifying for anonymous registration, see registering to vote.

Registered anonymous electors wishing to vote in person at the polling station only need to present an Anonymous Elector's Document. This is a document containing the anonymous elector number and photograph, which is issued by the Electoral Services Office following verification of a person’s identity. Anonymous electors cannot use other forms of photographic ID. Anonymous electors will still also be required to produce their poll card when voting in person.

Introduction of voter ID

Voter ID will apply in England at elections from Thursday 4 May 2023.

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