2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies

Final recommendations on Parliamentary Boundary Review

The Boundary Commission have now submitted their final reports to the Speaker of the House of Commons. On 28 June 2023, the Speaker of the House of Commons laid the boundary reports before Parliament.

To view the reports, visit Boundary Commission for England - 2023 Review.

The reports contain a description of the reviews, the final recommendations, and sets of maps to illustrate the existing boundaries and those proposed by the final recommendations. The representations made during the third consultation will be published at the same time.

After the Order in Council has been made (which is scheduled to be on 1 November 2023), the new constituencies will take effect at the next UK Parliamentary general election. This will have to be held no later than Tuesday 28 January 2025.

Any by-elections held in the meantime, must be held on the basis of the old (existing) constituencies.

Future reviews

The Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020 provides that after the 2023 Review, the length of time between boundary reviews is extended from 5 to 8 years, making the next review 2031.

The respective boundary commissions will be due to report on the next review before 1 October 2031. That 2031 review will be based on electoral registers that are due to be published on or before 1 December 2028.

Useful resources

For information about the 2023 Boundary Review process, visit BCE - Guide to the 2023 Review.

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