How we are dealing with car meets in Enfield

Enfield Council is committed to tackling illegal car meets and ensuring public safety in our borough. Although much of our work goes on behind the scenes, we want to reassure everyone that we are actively taking measures with our partners.

In recent years, car meets and cruising events have gained popularity, attracting individuals engaging in antisocial and dangerous driving practices, causing disturbances and distress to residents. These events also pose a significant risk of serious injury to drivers and spectators.

Here's what we are doing to address this issue

What you can do

We encourage residents to report car meets to the police promptly. You can do so by calling 101 during the event or by reporting online at the Metropolitan Police website. These reports are vital in helping us prioritize police resources effectively.

Additionally, we recommend residents join the Online Watch Link (OWL) initiative. OWL keeps residents informed about local crime and safety updates in Enfield Borough. You can register for free at the OWL website or download the OWL app to receive messages and alerts from your local Neighbourhoods Policing Team.

Together, let's ensure Enfield remains a safe and peaceful community for everyone.

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