Eligibility for referrals

The Joint Service for Disabled Children (JSDC) supports children and young people aged under 18, who live in Enfield and have a disability. Referrals that meet these criteria are sent to the Cheviots Social Work Team for assessment.

If there are safeguarding concerns about a child or young person, referrals can be made via the Children’s Portal and will be triaged by the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

Referrals for short breaks are also made through the Children’s Portal and are reviewed at the JSDC resources panel.

Assessment for JSDC services

For you or your child to access some of our services, we might need to do an assessment. This helps us get enough information to make a decision and understand the help that you need. Assessments will differ depending on the service and type of need.

Short breaks assessment

A short breaks assessment may be completed to consider what extra support the child or young person could access.

Find out more about specialist short breaks.

Child and family assessment

A child and family assessment might be made to consider the needs of the child or young person as well as parents and carers.

We might do a child and family assessment if:

See more information about the assessment process (PDF, 2262.3 KB).

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