Worries about your child's health or development

Speak to someone about any concerns

If you're worried about your child, you should speak to someone about your concerns. It’s important to remember that all children develop at a different rate, but you should speak to a professional if you feel that there may be a problem.

For more information, see our health and development leaflet (PDF, 432.88 KB).

Child development team

The child development team includes many services, such as:

Most babies and young children make progress and learn new skills as expected, but some need extra help.

If the hospital thinks your baby could have development needs in the future, they may refer you to local services in Enfield. You can ask your health visitor to check if these referrals have been made.

You might not be aware that your child has development problems until they start to grow. For example, if they aren’t sitting up, walking or talking at the expected age.

If you're worried about your child's development, you should speak to your GP or health visitor. You can also speak to a children's centre outreach worker or the special needs coordinator (SENCo) at your child's nursery, school or playgroup.

Often just getting advice and reassurance from a professional can help with your concerns. All professionals will want to work with you. You are the expert on your child and they will want to hear your views and share their expertise to get the best possible outcomes for your child.

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