Sensory impairment support at school and college

Visual impairment support

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Children and young people with a visual impairment in Enfield can get support to help them attend school and college. Support can include:

Children and young people with a visual impairment who attend an Enfield school, and those with an EHCP who attend a school outside the borough, are supported by the visual impairment outreach service provided by Joseph Clarke Educational Service (PDF, 91.45 KB).

Organisations who support visual impairment

You can find more advice and support about visual impairment from the organisations below:

Hearing impairment support

Sensory Support Service

Children and young people with a hearing impairment in Enfield are supported through the Sensory Support Service (PDF, 115.63 KB).

The Sensory Support Service gives information and advice for managing a child’s education and all aspects of their hearing impairment. This could include language and communication, listening equipment and social and emotional wellbeing.

They work closely with babies, children, young people, families, carers, staff in educational settings, and key professionals in the NHS and social care. Support ranges from occasional to weekly visits throughout the year, depending on the person’s needs.

The team can also visit pre-school children and their families or carers at home, their local children's centre or another place of their choice.

Sensory Support Service and SENCo

All primary, special and secondary schools in Enfield have an allocated advisory teacher who will meet regularly with the special educational needs coordinator (SENCo). Parents can access support by contacting the service or asking the SENCo in their child's setting to contact them.

Level of support

The service uses the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) framework to decide on the initial amount of support that each family will get. The level of support is reviewed and adjusted regularly, with input from the advisory teacher, families, carers and other professionals.

For more information, email or call 020 8489 8338.

Organisations who support hearing impairment

You can find more advice and support about hearing impairment from the organisations below:

British Sign Language

Some specialist schools also provide training for parents in British Sign Language at no cost.

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