Supporting children with SEND

Health professionals and health bodies have a legal duty under Section 23 of the Children and Families Act 2014 to notify the Local Authority of any child under statutory school-age (under 5), who they consider may need some extra arrangements made for them when they start school and has or is likely to have special educational needs or a disability (SEND). This will help us work together and to improve services for families. The health professional will discuss the notification at your child’s appointment and advise on organisations and services that may be able to provide support.

We will use this information to help us to plan education services and make sure that in future years, there are enough education places in the right areas and support is in place to make sure the needs of all children and young people with SEND are met.

This notification is to help planning on a wide scale so will not in itself lead to any direct support. There are other ways of identifying and meeting your children’s needs. If your child’s early years provider identifies that your child requires additional support, known as SEND Support, they will discuss with you why they think this is necessary and what support will be available to support your child and yourselves.

The Local Authority will work in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals to plan and deliver a learning and development programme for individual children. The aim is to empower parents and carers to support their own child’s learning and development and to prepare children for starting at an early years provision.

Each agency providing a service to you is responsible for keeping your personal information secure and up to date. Information about you is protected by law and must be treated carefully.

You have the right to ask the agency supporting you about information they have and what they are using it for.

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