Enfield Parent Infant Partnership (EPIP) is a referral service for parents-to-be and parents with babies up to 18 months at referral.

EPIP could offer you support if, at any time, you have felt:

What is EPIP?

EPIP is a small team of a specialist health visitor, parent infant psychotherapists and an adult therapist.

They work with parents and their babies to help understand and overcome your worries and concerns. Together with you and your baby, we think about the feelings you have and try to understand and find ways of communicating and enjoying each other.

How EPIP can help

The type of help Enfield Parent Infant Partnership will offer will depend on your circumstances.

Once you’re referred, EPIP will talk to you, or the person who referred you, to decide the best way to offer support.

Examples of support include:

If for some reason we don’t think EPIP is the right service for you, we will signpost you to more appropriate services.

For more information, email beh-tr.epip@nhs.net.

You can also view the EPIP information for families leaflet (PDF, 1141.5 KB). If you are a professional, view the EPIP guide for professionals (PDF, 929.98 KB) or download our referral form (PDF, 219.06 KB).

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