Chaperone licensing

It is a legal requirement that children engaged in public performances or entertainment under a licence issued by us, must be supervised by a council-approved chaperone, unless they are in the care of their parent, guardian or teacher.

Your first duty as a chaperone is to the child in your care. You are responsible for safeguarding, supporting and promoting the wellbeing of the child. You may not engage in any activity that would interfere with your duties.

You are acting in place of a parent and should give the child the same care as a parent when their parent, guardian or teacher is not present.

You must remain with the child at all times, unless they are on stage or performing. The precise duties while the child is at the place of performance or activity will vary depending on the type of performance or activity. However, your main duties are to ensure they are properly supervised when not performing and have adequate meals, rest and recreation. You must also establish that suitable changing facilities are arranged by the company or venues, with separate changing rooms for boys and girls over 5.

You can chaperone up to 12 children. However, due to demands of the performance, or the ages and gender of the children, we may decide you can only effectively supervise a smaller number.

You are required by law to keep a record for each child, per performance. You should make sure this is available, along with each child’s licence, at every place of performance, ready for inspection by us or an authorised officer.

Applications for a chaperone licence should only be made to us if you live in Enfield. We require:

For more information see:

Apply for a licence (PDF, 427.33 KB)

Apply to renew a licence (PDF, 423.87 KB)

If your application is unsuccessful, you may appeal to a magistrates' court within 21 days of the decision.

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