Registering a stillbirth

The stillbirth of a baby after the 24th week of pregnancy needs to be formally registered. We appreciate how difficult this can be for parents at a very emotional time.

A baby loss certificate is available to support parents who have experienced the devastating loss of a baby before the 24th week of pregnancy.

You have 42 days to register a stillbirth. The parents will need to attend the registration appointment in person at the register office.

To register a stillbirth, book an appointment online or call 020 8379 1000. Appointments take around 40 minutes and are available Monday to Friday.

Book a stillbirth registration appointment

If the baby’s parents are married, either the mother or father can register the stillbirth. If the baby’s natural parents are not married to each other, both must register the baby together.

It is possible for an unmarried mother to register the stillbirth on her own but, if she does, the natural father's details can't be included on the stillbirth certificate.

The mother has the right to choose not to include the father's details on the certificate if the mother and father are not married to each other.

If the mother has a female partner and wishes to record her as the baby’s parent, we recommend both parents are available for the registration.

To register the stillbirth we need a valid medical certificate. The GP, hospital doctor or midwife will email this to us before your appointment.

The certificate must be completed in full by the doctor or midwife before the registration can take place and must have their signature and qualification clearly visible on it.

At the registration, the registrar will need to know these details about the baby:

The registrar will need to know these details about the baby’s mother:

Where the baby’s other parent’s details are to be registered, the registrar will need to know these details about them:

Though it is not essential, it may be helpful for the baby’s parents to find these documents:

There is no charge for registering a stillbirth.

The registrar will issue one free certificate of registration. This shows limited information and all the registration details.

If you need more standard certificates showing all the registration details, there is a fee. We accept payment by credit or debit card only.

You will be given a form to give to your appointed funeral director in order for the baby’s funeral to take place.

You may be able to get financial help to pay towards the funeral costs.

Making a declaration

If the stillbirth did not occur in Enfield but it's easier for you to visit the Enfield Register Office, you can make a declaration.

To do this, you book an appointment in the usual way. You will need to arrange for the GP, hospital or coroner to email the medical certificate to us before your appointment. When the appointment is finished, the registrar will send your declaration to the correct register office for you. We cannot give you any certificates.

The register office that receives your declaration will email a form to your nominated undertaker. This means that it will take longer for you to arrange the funeral than it would if you were to register the stillbirth at the appropriate register office.

This service is free. If you want any certificates after registration has taken place, you order these directly from the receiving register office.

If you have any questions about registering a stillbirth, contact us.

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