Changing a child’s name

If you’ve changed your mind about the forename of your child, who was born in the London Borough of Enfield, you can apply for a name change within 12 months of registering their birth.

You can change any aspect of their forenames, including adding middle names, removing names, or changing the spelling, but the surname can’t be changed.

The mother (or father, if he is recorded on the birth entry), can complete the application.

If you baptised your child in a new name before they were 12 months old, you can have the new name recorded on their birth certificate.

If you want to change the name of a child over 12 months old, change their surname, or have no documentary evidence to show the child’s correct name, see changing your name by deed poll.

Applying for an amendment

To apply for an amendment, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the changing a child's name application form (PDF, 22.88 KB) in black ink with a wet signature. For help to complete the form, read our guidance notes (PDF, 69.96 KB). There is a different form for names changed in baptism - contact us if you need this form instead.
  2. Complete the copy certificate application form (PDF, 37.78 KB) to order new certificates - include your phone number
  3. Post both application forms and the original birth certificates to, Enfield Register Office, 1 Gentleman's Row, Enfield, EN2 6PT

You may want to use recorded or special delivery. Or you can deliver them in person. You don’t need an appointment.


From 28 May 2024, the cost to change a child’s registered name (including one certificate), is £56.50. The application fee is non-refundable if your application is invalid, cancelled or withdrawn.

Upon receipt of your application, we will call you to take payment over the phone by debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can hand the paperwork into the office and pay the fee at the reception counter.

Receiving your new certificates

The process takes approximately 2 weeks. We will either post the new certificates to you, or we can arrange for you to collect them from the office.

When you receive your updated certificates, the new name will appear in space 17 (‘name given after registration’) at the bottom of the page. The new name overrides the name recorded in space 2 at the original registration.

You should update your child’s name with anyone who holds their records, such as the passport office, GP, Child Benefits and banks.

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