Getting Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

Once we have assessed your application and worked out you are eligible, we will write to you to let you know. If you’re having problems understanding your notification letter, view our example benefits letter (PDF, 749.75 KB) or watch the help video below.

How Housing Benefit is paid

If you’re a private sector tenant, we will pay Housing Benefit in arrears into your bank account.

If you’re a council tenant, we will credit your rent account.

How Council Tax Support is paid

Council Tax Support payments will be credited directly into your Council Tax account.

If you’re having difficulty managing your rent or you are 8 or more weeks behind with your payments, we can make payments to your landlord. You will need to provide evidence so that we can make that change.

Backdating your claim

We may backdate your claim if you provide good reason for not applying earlier.

If you have already made a claim but would like to have your claim backdated, you need to make your request in writing.

To do this, email with evidence of your income and capital for the period to be backdated. Make sure the subject of your email includes your Housing Benefit reference number inside angled brackets, for example <XXXXXXXXX>.

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